A Foundation of Clinical Practice Evidence

Seroyal products are built upon a foundation of clinical practice evidence, research and evidence-based science. A distinguished advisory team and group of partners – including independent researchers at academic institutions, medical schools and hospitals – help create these unique, efficacious, and stable natural products. This research and development team has expertise ranging from microbiology and immunology through to nutritional science, with major thrusts on the role of human microflora – the development of natural plant antimicrobials and the role of fatty acids.


WisdOM-3™ Emulsification

Proprietary emulsification process proven in a human pilot study to double omega-3 fatty acids’ bioavailability. Improves overall taste and increases patient compliance.

NEO-3™: Natural EPA/DHA enrichment through enzymatic cleavage

Maintains fish oil triglyceride configuration by using natural lipase enzymes (no alcohol or chemicals) to gently concentrate levels of EPA and DHA and selectively remove shorter chain fatty acids from the fish oil triglyceride, leaving the EPA and DHA untouched.

Mimics the first stages of our normal digestive process, and produces a mixture of natural tri- and di-glycerides with enriched levels of EPA and DHA. Virtually eliminates heavy metals, pesticides, PCBs, PCDDs and PCDFs. Delivers cleaner taste without fishy after-taste or odor.

Cryo-3: Natural EPA/DHA enrichment through fractional super-cooling

Fish oil is gradually taken to very low temperatures, enabling accurate fractional crystallization or ‘precipitation’ of the triglycerides carrying high levels of saturated fatty acids. Once the solid fractions have been separated, the remaining liquid fraction has a higher ration of EPA and DHA, while still maintaining triglyceride configuration. Virtually eliminates heavy metals, pesticides, PCBs, PCDDs, and PCDFs. Delivers cleaner taste without fishy after-taste or odor.

Delivra™: Revolutionized transdermal delivery system

Proprietary compound base, topical delivery system that penetrates and absorbs deep into the skin to provide medication directly to affected areas. The compound base also includes natural ingredients that possesses anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.

Technology utilizes little known, scientifically established interactions between plant-product substances, and human cellular and nerve tissues, allowing for the permeation of natural or pharmacological amphiphilic active molecules, previously difficult to utilize due to their large atomic sizes (>500 Da), deep into the dermis layer.

Provides alternative to oral medications. Results in a strong and consistent pharmacological effect. Ensuring safety and commitment to ongoing process improvements

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