Biotherapeutic Drainage

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Biotherapeutic Drainage can be achieved with products which facilitate drainage on the intracellular level. Products made from substances from the plant, mineral and animal kingdoms will only have an intra-cellular effect when they are prepared so that they have a vibrational resonance at that level. This means that they must be in a concentration or potentization the same as the interior of the cell. Macro doses of vitamins, minerals and herbs will not act inside the cell, instead they act on tissues and organ systems. Homeopathic remedies in low potency have resonance inside the cell in a way indicated by the Materia Medica. Often a combination of products, all with intracellular resonance, are successfully used together for maximum effect. For example, plants remedies can be combined with mineral remedies in a single product, or they can be separate components of a complex prescription. Mineral remedies can be prescribed singly or in combination in trace amounts or in homeopathic dilutions. Alternatively, they can be prescribed as cell salts, which are usually a combination of two minerals at a concentration found within the cell.

The conceptual framework of Miasm, Temperament and Constitution can be used in clinical practice to choose the combination of remedies or products to effectively treat the patient at all levels.