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Finest Pure Fish Oil - Natural Strawberry Flavor

Dairy Free Gluten Free
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Finest Pure Fish Oil contains a unique mixture of omega-3 acids sourced from anchovy and sardine oils. EPA and DHA help to maintain cardiovascular health, including healthy serum triglyceride levels, and promotebrain function. DHA is particularly important to brain function, due to its influence on neural membranes. Finest Pure Fish Oil provides 950 mg of EPA and 725 mg of DHA per serving. It has an EPA:DHA ratio of 1.3:1, and helps to support already healthy serum triglyceride levels and optimal cardiovascular health. Finest Pure Fish Oil provides 1675 mg of combined EPA and DHA per teaspoon. Essential acids have many other health benefits, including supporting brain health and cognitive function.

Cognitive Function Support: Finest Pure Cod Liver Oil is a source of omega-3 acids, which promote eye development, visual acuity and brain development in children.*