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Genestra Brands® to Sponsor the Genestra HMF Microbiome Researcher-in-Residence at The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM)


From left to right: Barry Ritz, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer Genestra Brands; Yves Yau, President, Genestra Brands; Penny Gregorio, Vice President Continuing Medical Education Seroyal; Dr. Kieran Cooley, ND, Director, Research CCNM; Ryan Meloche, Vice President Sales Genestra Brands; Bob Bernhardt, PhD, President/CEO CCNM

Genestra Brands is thrilled to sponsor the first-ever Genestra HMF Microbiome Researcher-in-Residence position at The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM). Over the course of three years, the Researcher-in-Residence will be responsible for developing, conducting and sharing clinical research aimed at understanding the impact of the microbiome on human health. The position will also deliver probiotic and microbiome education to naturopathic students at CCNM.

Genestra Brands has been dedicated to driving probiotic science and innovation for more than 20 years. This unique partnership with CCNM offers the opportunity to make significant strides in understanding the many complexities of the microbiome, and continue developing probiotic formulas that help practitioners meet each patient’s individual needs.

“This collaboration is a first of its kind for CCNM and represents a tremendous commitment to advancing the practice of naturopathic medicine,” Bob Bernhardt, CEO and President of CCNM. “CCNM is well-known for its strength in translating clinical research into practice. Our partnership with this leading probiotics brand allows CCNM to establish strong expertise in microbiome research and broadly disseminate knowledge on the emerging role of probiotics in many aspects of patient care.”

Genestra Brands has a long history of partnering with industry-leading experts and research institutions. Working hand-in-hand with CCNM allows Genestra Brands to continue delivering condition-specific, high-quality probiotics that reflect the latest advancements in the field of probiotics.

“This partnership is the perfect opportunity for Genestra Brands to expand our long-standing commitment to CCNM and the naturopathic profession,” offered Yves Yau, President of Genestra Brands. “We are highly invested in providing research-based probiotics for health care professionals, and this unique position provides us a new avenue for extending our already expansive portfolio of probiotics research.”

We look forward to the positive impact the Genestra HMF Microbiome Researcher-in-Residence will have in educating naturopathic students and practitioners alike, and advancing the state of knowledge in the microbiome’s role in human health.