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A New Streamlined Pharmax

2015 is marking an exciting evolution of our Pharmax brand. Your feedback has inspired us to streamline Pharmax into a specialty brand and increase our focus on the products you value most: probiotics, EFAs, antimicrobials, and Four Pillars products.

This increased focus will help us serve you and your patients in the best possible way by providing the most relevant selection of reliable and effective products.

73 key, research-driven, evidence-based nutritional supplements will remain available under the Pharmax brand, and we will continue to launch new products in each of the specialty categories mentioned above. We will also continue our work with global leaders in these fields, such as Dr. Nigel Plummer, a renowned expert in probiotics and a key research contributor at Pharmax.

As part of this evolution, many Pharmax products will continue to be available through Pharmax’s sister brand, Genestra Brands. In other cases, we will offer alternative products with similar or enhanced formulas, also through Genestra Brands. A full list of active, transitioned and/or discontinued Pharmax products and their suggested alternatives is enclosed.

The core of our business is to provide the highest quality, clinically researched products. We are excited to continue developing Pharmax with the highest quality probiotics, EFAs, antimicrobials, and Four Pillars products specifically formulated to meet the most requested needs of your practice and patients.

Pharmax Active Products List

Pharmax Recommended Alternatives List