GENESTRA BRANDS, Pharmax and UNDA are industry and science leaders that incorporate the latest evidence-based research to safely and effectively promote optimal microbial balance.

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  1. Alli-cinn


    MSRP $32.40

    Key Ingredients Cinnamon Bark Oil, Freeze dried cinnamon, Freeze-dried garlic clove

  2. Broad Spectrum Complex

    Broad Spectrum Complex

    MSRP $29.30

    Key Ingredients Barberry Root Extract, Freeze-dried garlic clove, Goldenseal Root, Wormwood leaf/flowering tops oil

    System Digestive System, immune system

  3. Caprylate Complex

    Caprylate Complex

    MSRP $26.20

    Key Ingredients Calcium, Calcium caprylate, Calories, Calories from Fat, Caprylic Acid, Magnesium, Magnesium caprylate

    System Digestive System

  4. Clear Four

    Clear Four

    MSRP $63.50

    Key Ingredients Beta-carotene, Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis (CUL 34), Bifidobacterium bifidum (CUL 20), Calcium caprylate, Cinnamon Bark, Cinnamon Bark Oil, Garlic Bulb Powder, HLC Consortium, L-Glutamine, Lactobacillus acidophilus (CUL-21), Lactobacillus acidophilus (CUL-60), Magnesium caprylate, N-Acetyl Glucosamine

    System Digestive System

  5. Garlic Freeze Dried

    Garlic Freeze Dried

    MSRP $27.10

    Key Ingredients Freeze-dried garlic clove

    System Cardiovascular System, respiratory system

  6. Intestibal (formerly Pyloricin)

    Intestibal (formerly Pyloricin)

    MSRP $30.70

    Key Ingredients Clove Leaf Oil, Evening primrose seed oil, Ginger Root Oil, Oregano Leaf Oil, Proprietary Blend of Oils, Wormwood Leaf Oil

    System Digestive System, immune system, integumentary system

  7. Oregano Oil

    Oregano Oil

    MSRP $20.80

    Key Ingredients Oregano Leaf Oil

    System integumentary system, Respiratory System

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