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Phyto Greens Powder

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Genestra Brands® Phyto Greens Powder- Formulation Update
We would like to inform you of a formulation update to this product. Phyto Greens is now Organic, non-GMO and suitable for a much wider audience.
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Broad-spectrum blend of phytonutrients formulation
• Certified organic and GMO-free
• Includes nearly 30 fruits, vegetables, grains and grasses that offer polyphenolic antioxidants*
• Provides 2,000 mg of spirulina per day to support upper respiratory health*
• Convenient powder that mixes easily into water or juice

Organic Phyto Greens Powder provides naturally occurring phytonutrients and antioxidants in a certified organic and GMO-free formula. This blend contains a wide variety of organic grains and grasses, including oat, barley, rice and millet, along with organic fruits and vegetables, such as wild strawberry, blackberry, cucumber and ginger. In addition to promoting antioxidant defenses, this formula provides 2,000 mg of spirulina per day to support healthy nasal function and upper respiratory health. Available in a convenient powder format, Organic Phyto Greens Powder can be easily mixed into any liquid to create a phytonutrient-rich drink.*

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Product Code 07782
Brand Genestra Brands
Health Functions Overall Health
Category Phytonutrients
System Immune System, Respiratory System
NPN 80065960
size 216 g
Format Powder
Allergen-Free Formula
  • Dairy Free
  • GMO Free
  • Vegan
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